Welcome to Shante’ Chic Boutique!

This has been a hectic time and our hopes are that everyone is healthy and doing well.


20 years after attending college for fashion design and raising 2 wonderful young men I've been able to pick up a delayed dream and develop an online boutique that we hope will blossom. At Shante’ Chic Boutique, we value efficiency and finding ways to make women’s lives easier. We believe in the concept of keeping things simple yet chic. Using capsule wardrobes to make shopping easier for our customers to develop their own beautiful look.

Our customers are busy with life yet they love classic and new trends. No matter your age, we want you to feel fashionable yet appropriately beautiful; we want you to #SlayChic

At Shante’ Chic Boutique, we are committed to providing high quality products, and reliable customer support. We strive to constantly improve and welcome any constructive feedback.

We believe that our apparel and approach is going to be a game-changing experience. Our goal is to share this with the world and build a community that shares a common passion for transformation and putting their best self out there. Because when you feel your best, you live your best life ❤️